Attaining Sexual Maturity In Marriage

1. Don’t be deceived by the pictures you see on social media or the images married people try to portray in church. There is hardly any marriage without its own […]

Congratulations and Responsibility

It’s been quite a very hectic period. I left for Asaba to do a radio program on 2/12/2020. From there, I was at Aba on 4/12/2020. I went to Port […]

Popularity and Packaging

Some years back, someone once told me that my ‘carton‘ was not attractive enough. He said that my wife and I do not dress well. At least, according to him, […]

Precision Thinking

Precision thinking and actions are the peak of human intelligence and actions. Precision thinking is the mental capacity for exactness and accuracy in your thoughts and actions. It involves proper […]

Sex: You Can Never Get Enough

1. Sex is like drinking a cold Coca-Cola drink from a glass on a very hot day with a toothpick. You can never get enough. 2. No woman is endowed […]

The Real Restructuring

I am all for restructuring the present political structure in present-day Nigeria. Truth Be Told 1. One of the things we should be doing now is the reconfiguration of the […]