Mistakes You Must Never Repeat

I got to Warri in 1963 as a child; then, there was a wooden bridge between Upper and lower Erejuwa. There was a wooden bridge between Obahor and Father Healy […]

Resuscitating a Dying Nigeria

Please this post is not for juvenile social media dump trucks. Intellectual “dump trucks” carry only discarded ideas of other people. Many of such junk ideas are pollutants. Anytime a […]

Living Beyond Limitations

There is a point in life when most of what you consider as your sources of strength will pale into insignificance. As I get older and as God has given […]

Breaking Inertia

It’s not enough to have great information and ideas. Sometimes, ideas are very cheap, but very few folks are ready to start the process of turning them into reality by […]

I’m Encouraged!

A donor and partner from Abuja sent the message below back in May when this video was recorded. He paid for sand and sent money to cook for the women […]