Why Most Ideas Never See The Sun

By¬†Charles Awuzie Most ideas never see the sun because they want the project to be perfect before they launch. I used to be like that . . . . And […]

Someone Is Evaluating You

1. Someone is evaluating your character without your knowledge. (S)He will make deductions concerning you whether you like it or not, or know it or not. 2. You character is […]

I Refuse To Be A Normal Nigerian

I will derive pleasure from being unique and outstanding, through service. I refuse to see myself as belonging to a special class because of my profession as a medical doctor, […]

Developing Content: Knowledge

By wisdom is a house built, by understanding it is established, through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with precious goods. Proverbs 23:3-5. 1. The triad of the pains of poverty, […]

Cartons and Contents

Anything you pull off before taking your bath or going to bed is your carton. What cannot be taken from you, but determines your value, defines your contents. It is […]

Stop The Senseless Cultist Killings

IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! 1. The killing in Ughelli because of cult vengeance does not make sense. 2. The person who introduced confraternities to Nigeria, the Pyrates Confraternity, is […]

Understanding The Purpose of God

Speaking at the Bayelsa State National Youth Service Orientation Camp at Kaiama. I spoke on Maximising Moments, but my lesson about life is on “Understanding The Purpose of God” Ephesians […]

The Principle of Gradualism

Lessons of Life 1. Every big challenge is made up units of challenges. The solutions also come in small units. 2. Break every challenge into it’s component units. 3. Strategically […]

Extractable Value

In the Parable of Talents, the Master gave talents to 3 disciples. One of them came back with 5 extra talents and another came back with 2 extra talents. Another […]