Work Has Started On My Carryovers

I have started working on my carryovers. This manure is a carryover from last year to improve the productivity of the carryover cassava I planted last year. My wife has […]

Blessing, Purpose, Pain, and Wisdom

I spoke at the Christ Apostolic Church, Agbaroh, on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022. The theme of their prayer conference was, “Blessing Without Pain”. I first had to let them know […]

Calm Down! Christmas Is An Assumption

Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th; it’s an assumption. Don’t kill yourself over an assumption. Ethiopians and other orthodox Christians don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25th. There is […]

Attitudinal Unrighteousness

Religion without vision will lead to recklessness, heartlessness, and unproductivity. Religious zeal without commensurate vision to better the lot of the citizenry breeds a tyrannical and dysfunctional society. The same […]

Don’t Outsource Your Life

Don’t expect someone who has not managed his/her personal life well to manage your business unsupervised. Learn to take hard decisions to effectively manage your business. I decided to be […]