Life is Like a Perfume

I learnt very early that life is like a perfume stored in a bottle. Remember the alabaster box that was broken by a woman and the aroma filled the room? […]

Entrepreneurship and the Future [2]

The world has transited from a global village to a global street. The president of the African Youth Community sent a message to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, through […]

50 Years Later . . .

After 50 years, on May 5th, my past came to the Farm Fellowship International. My classmate in the Nigerian Baptist Convention Primary School, Warri, came to the farm fellowship today. […]

Life is a Transaction

If someone buys any product or service from you, (s)he is buying part of your life, and his/her money is a portion of his/her life (s)he has transacted with you. […]

Mistakes You Must Never Repeat

I got to Warri in 1963 as a child; then, there was a wooden bridge between Upper and lower Erejuwa. There was a wooden bridge between Obahor and Father Healy […]

Resuscitating a Dying Nigeria

Please this post is not for juvenile social media dump trucks. Intellectual “dump trucks” carry only discarded ideas of other people. Many of such junk ideas are pollutants. Anytime a […]